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Building the Future of SF State

SF State's mission and its shared sense of purpose are undeniable institutional strengths that the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) praised for helping San Francisco State weather recent fiscal challenges.  The new strategic planning effort will provide the opportunity to revise and reaffirm our goals as we work to serve our students and our community in the future.

To that end, President Wong is leading a broad-based and collaborative strategic planning effort that will review the institutional mission statement and the strategic goals established in our previous strategic planning efforts (notably CUSP I, CUSP II, and UPAC).  The process will yield a new strategic plan that will chart the path for San Francisco State, identifying several institutional-level objectives for growth and improvement over the short, medium and long term.  Additionally, the campus community will examine seven themes in detail, analyzing institutional assets and constraints, establishing baseline performance in these areas, identifying key performance indicators, and recommending benchmarks for targeted improvement over the next 3-5 years.


  • Theme 1  Building the San Francisco State Identity
  • Theme 2 – Maximizing Student Success
  • Theme 3 – The Academic Master Plan
  • Theme 4 – The Physical Master Plan
  • Theme 5 – Advancing Campus & Community Climate
  • Theme 6 – Elevating Institutional Support
  • Theme 7 – Emerging Issues


The new plan will be informed by the data available from program review and assessment, institutional research endeavors, and institutional projects like the Student Success and Graduation Initiative. It will also benefit from the extensive work and insights gleaned from our recently completed WASC review.


The planning effort will be facilitated by the Strategic Planning Coordinating Committee (SPCC), a talented group of individuals from across the campus and the surrounding community. However, they need your input to make this project a success. You are invited you to explore the theme pages (linked on the top righthand side of this page) and provide your thoughts and insights as you do so.


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