Strategic Planning


Strategic Planning Process

San Francisco State University is embarking on a strategic planning process. This effort, which will begin fall 2021 and carry through early summer 2022, will involve input and perspectives from across our entire campus community.

Strategic Planning Approach

Our goal through this process is to develop a strategic plan that reflects the perspectives from everyone who has an important stake in the university – including our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and other key community members. To accomplish this, we intend to create numerous opportunities for deep listening and inclusive engagement through the course of the strategic planning process. For the latest updates on opportunities to get involved, please see the Opportunities for Involvement section. We will also review already-existing data, qualitative and quantitative, including, but not limited to, existing survey data, the Academic Master Plan, the Strategic Enrollment Management Plan, the Strategic Marketing Plan and the WASC self-study.

Strategic Planning Timeline

The strategic planning process will launch in fall 2021 and conclude in summer 2022.

Phase 1

Preparation and Planning

September - October

  • Form the Strategic Planning Committee
  • Gather essential background context and internal/external data
  • Conduct preliminary background interviews to get perspectives on current state and input on the process
  • Clarify process and outcomes
Phase 2

Engagement, Info. Gathering and Analysis

November - March 

  • Strategic Planning Committee reviews and refines engagement plan
  • Gather input from key campus stakeholders ­– including students, faculty, staff, alumni, and other key community members via workshops, focus groups, surveys and web-based comment box
Phase 3

Develop and Finalize the Plan

March - July

  • The Strategic Planning Committee develops the strategic plan
  • Host follow-up sessions with campus stakeholders to review and vet the draft plan
  • Finalize the plan
Phase 4

Plan Implementation


  • Present final plan to all key stakeholder groups
  • Ensure the governance and organizational structures and processes are in place for effective plan implementation